The 2020 BMGA Fellows are a group of dynamic, young women who possess outstanding academic feats, exhibit high intellectual aptitude, and have a strong passion to impact the social and economic development of their immediate environment. They are students and young professionals who studied courses ranging from Finance and Agriculture to Engineering and Law, with career interests in Technology, Legal services, Non profit, Entrepreneurship, among others.

From May till November 2020, the Fellows engaged in an intensive learning process where modern technological tools and resources were used to aid transformational learning of important topics. The cohort comprised 24 young women from twelve (12) universities across Nigeria and Benin Republic. These participants came from nine (9) ethnic groups within five (5) geo-political zones in Nigeria – North-Central, North-East, South-East, South-West, and South-South with 29% being university students, 71% being university graduates and 23% being first-generation students. 

The 2020 BMGA Fellows have become members of the resourceful Alumni Network which aims to continually impact the global community. Some of the fellows were also offered internships and full-time employment by various organizations and they will receive post-program mentorship from experienced professionals.



The 2020 BMGA Fellows Program was supported by the following institutions and organizations: 

  • Sterling Bank 
  • Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence
  • African Society of Cambridge University
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)
  • University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • University of Ibadan (UI)
  • Thunderbird School of Global Management 
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills Group
  • Rungas Group 
  • UN Women
  • Gallup
  • Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

Testimonials from Fellows

“Precisely in April 2020, I got an acceptance letter into the BMGA Fellows Program. We were told it was going to be an intense program but nothing could have prepared me for the program’s intensity. It was very intense yet completely worth it because I had the opportunity to be lectured by professors from top universities worldwide. The curriculum was holistic and tailored to equip me for unprecedented career growth.”

Theresa Odey, 2020

“The business etiquette class helped me to develop a degree of consciousness. It made me appreciate some of the things that I took for granted. The first improvement I noticed was with my email communication. For the first time, I wrote an email and my sister, who is an editor, had no corrections. Before this, my emails seemed angry, informal, and impolite.

I also noticed that I have started to make serious plans for the future. Before the class, I had no long-term plans or goals. My only plan was to find a well-paying job. As Phil Knight puts it, I am on a journey to find my calling. At the moment, I do not know what it is, but I’m learning. Thank you, BMGA, for this opportunity.”

Jessica Muodozie, 2020

“One major highlight of the live lectures is being put on the spot. It has taught me the importance of communicating clearly and concisely. This learning is even more vital because, as a woman, I tend to repress myself from contributing to essential topics.

Also, I learnt a lot from the book Shoe Dog, and it was complemented by comments from the discussion forum and live lectures. The discussions made me see a lot of other points that I missed out while reading. The lessons learnt from this book are priceless, and I will consciously use them as my career progresses and in my daily life. I am incredibly thankful to the class lecturer – Ms. Gbemi Abudu.”

Susan Akinade, 2020

“I had just graduated from the university with no work experience, looking for opportunities to learn soft skills needed to thrive in the workplace, and the BMGA Fellows Program presented itself. The program impacted me significantly by improving my time management, effective communication, and critical thinking skills. I learnt how to be objective in my dealings, and the Business Ethics course reinforced my stance on being honest and impartial.”

Mercy Ajiboye, 2020

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