Introduction to Financial Management

Regardless of your area of professional expertise, everyone experiences a constant desire to effectively manage their money and ultimately become wealthy. Based on a financial literacy survey by SAP Global, only 33% of adults are financially literate across the world. Yet, it is a critical element for economic emancipation. Thus, individuals who desire financial stability and growth need to understand the intricacies of household budgeting, debt management & pay off, and the evaluation of tradeoffs between different credit and investment products.


This course explores the concept of understanding and effectively utilising various financial skills such as budgeting and investing for outstanding personal financial management. Participants will learn about the best approach to managing their personal finance and increasing their networth with minimal exposure to fraudulent methods within different geographical locations.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand key financial concepts such as compound interest and time value of money that would enable an effective savings, investment, and debt management culture.
  • Recognize your risk tolerance and the corresponding asset classes for investment.
  • Reduce risk of exposure to financial fraud through strategic decision-making processes.
  • Develop early life goals for savings and investment towards further education, retirement, or entrepreneurship.

Soft Skills Acquisition

Judgment and Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Cognitive Flexibility.

  • Suitable For: Undergraduate Students, Entry-Level, and Mid-Level Professionals

  • Duration: Two Weeks

  • Pace: Self-paced
  • Course language: English
  • Date: 27 February – 12 March 2023

  • Register by: 12 February 2023

  • Price: $200 (NGN97,000)
  • Accreditation: This course is accredited by a globally renowned independent organization.

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