Business Writing

In the dynamic digital workplace of the future, research shows that there will be less in-person communication and collaboration. Thus, to stand out, each professional needs to understand the intricacies of business writing to prevent miscommunication, boost productivity, improve brand perception, and enhance revenue generation.


This course provides an easy guide for effective writing by emphasizing on the proper etiquette for internal and external communication. Participants will receive a blueprint for persuading potential clients through creative and articulate emails, proposals, memos, and reports that are suited to different climes.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand how to prevent project failure through effective communication.
  • Recognize effective steps to take in addressing writer’s block.
  • Utilize written communication for instructional, informational, persuasive, and transactional correspondences.
  • Enhance sentence construction, grammar evaluation, concise verbiage, clarity, and simplicity in writing.

Soft Skills Acquisition

Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity

  • Suitable For: Undergraduate Students, Entry-Level, and Mid-Level Professionals

  • Duration: Four Weeks

  • Pace: Self-paced
  • Course language: English
  • Date: TBA

  • Register by: TBA

  • Price: $550 (NGN266,750)
  • Accreditation: This course is accredited by a globally renowned independent organization.

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