Why should I apply to be a BMGA Fellow?


The program offers high-level professional development courses, mentorship, and life skills that are designed to prepare young people for a career in the 21st Century. As a fellow, you will join the BMGA Fellows Program Alumni network which will provide you with a wide range of opportunities from professional mentorships to programs specifically tailored towards career development.


Is the program entirely virtual?


The BMGA Fellows Program is a six-month virtual learning
program. This is as a result of the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.


What is the duration of the BMGA Fellows Program?


 The BMGA Fellows Program runs through a period of six (6) months.


After accepting my admission, do I become a BMGA Fellow?


Note that only participants who graduate at the end of the six-month program become BMGA Fellows.


What is a B+ UK equivalent in my country?


A B+ UK equivalent is a UK Second Class Upper grade. Use this GPA calculator to check your grade equivalent.


Who is a final year student?


A final year student is a person still in their final university academic study year as at May 2021.


Is there an age restriction?


No, there is no age restriction. However, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements.


Are their particular professions or courses the program is for?


No. Young women from all professions and career paths are welcome to apply.


Do all participants get the benefits of the program?


All participants get the in-program benefits, but only Fellows that is, participants who graduate at the end of the program will join the BMGA Fellows Program Alumni network with access to all post-program benefits.


Is the BMGA Fellows Program a job employment/offer?


Please note that the BMGA Fellows Program is a six (6) month online blended learning program designed to narrow the gender skills gap. The program provides participants with the knowledge and resources required to gain fundamental employability skills that will strengthen their marketability in the business environment and ensures they remain in the work pipeline. 


How can I contact the BMGA Fellows Program Team?


For inquiry, complaints, emergencies, technical support, or information about the program, please send an email to fellows@bmgaenterprise.com

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