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I fell in love with marketing because I was fascinated with the idea of how a brand can invoke and establish an emotional connection with people. To me, that comes down to the ability to tell a powerful story. The ability to tell a clear and concise story with the right imagery, words, and sound that convey a brand’s message, DNA, and essence is what marketing is truly all about. My first marketing job (nineteen years ago) as a marketing researcher for Walt Disney Resorts as part of their Disney College Program cemented my belief in the power of marketing. Every marketing role subsequent to that has led to me developing an unwavering passion for building brands and telling stories.


When it comes to brand stories, what I find interesting is that some stories can take 2 minutes to craft, while some might take months, it all depends on the type of story you are trying to tell and the inspiration. The ability to tell an effective story about a brand with powerful images and words is the magic of marketing. From positioning a country as a destination for high value foreign direct investment in medical tourism (in the Kingdom of Jordan) to creating a desire for luxury products (in the United States and Nigeria) to marketing private jets as a business tool (in Nigeria) to increasing an individual’s marketability in the marketplace through the acquisition of essential skills (in Nigeria), I have always found that marketing plays a crucial role in distinguishing one brand from the other in the minds of consumers and the public. My career has afforded me the opportunity to work as an international marketing professional in different capacities for some of the most reputable companies and governments in the world, where I have developed a holistic understanding of brand stewardship and a proven track record in piloting and driving several businesses into new marketplaces.

So, why BMGA? BMGA stands for Brand Manager Gbemi Abudu. I chose that name because I have spent the majority of my career as a custodian of brands. I am a marketer that has been and is dedicated to building brands (corporations, people, and society) as a whole. BMGA Enterprise Limited (BMGA) has provided me with the platform to house all the work I am passionate about and I have done over the years (from for-profit business to development work) for many brands under one umbrella. I am a marketer through and through who loves building and telling the stories of brands. That’s why I decided to create a company that is dedicated to the transformation of brands with the use of marketing and capacity building tools (equipping individuals with employability and marketability skills to optimize performance in the workplace).


The success of an enterprise is largely based on its employees, which is why I believe in the development and marketability of human capital. Over the years, it became obvious to me that there was a lack of fundamental soft skills in the marketplace, which are essential skills for success and personal development. In line with my passion for building brands,  I fell in love with the idea of building people and organizations by providing social and marketing intelligence that increases their productivity and equips them with transformative skills that allow them to be marketable and competitive on the global stage.

Welcome to the world of BMGA!

Founder & Managing Partner, BMGA

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